2017 Media Pack

Celebrating the leaders within their fields,
the heroes of their crafts and the legends of the world.
Leaders, Heroes and Legends magazine celebrates the leaders within their fields, the heroes of their crafts and the legends of our world. 

We produce world class content monthly, feature the most prominent leaders in the world, be it political, business, the arts or sports.

We encapsulate all three elements of Leadership behaviour. Heroic action and the accomplishments of Legendary individuals from all the corners of the world.
read great stories and look at the impact of these leaders, heroes and legends of their crafts.
Our issues invigorate, provide leadership insights and celebrate the accomplishments of the most revered people in the world within their craft. Our purpose is to educate and stretch the minds of business, individuals and those who aspire to greatness. We measure their impact and help our readers realise their potential.

We investigate motivational secrets and quantify the formulas for success. Dissecting the meaning of hard work and achievment.
We create content on leaders and leadership lessons of the great leaders of the African continent and the rest of the world. The world requires a new breed of leaders in South Africa and Africa. These leaders will drive a new form of leadership direction and brand new continental goals.

Leadership is the most important factor of any measure of success. Any success achieved is due to its creator’s vision and will, to make materialise the set goals. Leaders, Heroes and Legends magazine features the leaders of the world and of our continent to share their traits.

We feature business leaders, leading entrepreneurs, political leaders and the greatest leaders the world has produced. Young, old and the veteran leaders of economies and leading innovators will be featured in LHL Magazine.
For LHL Magazine we admire the determination and hard work by those individuals who want to break incredible barriers and reach new performance pinnacles. We investigate the hunger behind their motivation and the astounding hard work it requires to reach these pinnacles.
& legends
LHL Magazine investigates and celebrates the decades of work of legendary individuals such as bra Hugh Masikela and many other legends in their fields. We will pursue the best content from all over the world and place it in our issues.
brand leadership
Leaders, Heroes & Legends magazine endeavours to cross the digital divide and monetise the space between the two media platforms. Deliver a publication that is traditional print based but incorporates leadership technology - providing video and extended digital material to smart devices through the use of augmented reality, integrated video and audio.
expected readership
Leader, Heroes & Legends Magazine will aim to talk specifically to LSM 7 - 10 market segment with relative expansion through to LSM 4. Lower LSM will be able to enjoy the traditional content through the purchase of the magazine with the higher LSM segments making better use of the digital and augmented platforms
Female: 25%
Male: 75%

40 years and over : 25%
30 years - 40 years: 50%
20 years - 30 years: 25%
Traditional content: 75%
Digital / Augmented content: 25%
A bold modern visual style will dominate the publication and online media. Digital fonts and responsive design will enhance the progressive, leadership attitude of the magazine.

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